Re-Interpreting A Legend! In 1891, when the American Eastman Company gave rise to the legendary age of celluloid film, industrial production of the first compact and inexpensive hand held cameras using celluloid roll-film commenced. With this development, photography became affordable for anyone. Small specialised manufacturing companies soon began to produce ever-ready leather cases to match various models of these delicate fixed-lens cameras. As development and technology progressed and the demand for well-equipped cameras with exchangeable lenses increased, bigger leather bags designed for professional photographers were included in the range of products. With digital photography emerging in the late 1990s and manufacturing becoming ever more automated, resulting in an increase of the costs involved in producing hand-crafted items, there is nowadays little choice of larger camera bags made from high-quality leather available in the market. It was this neglected state of the market for high-end leather equipment that prompted us to rediscover these products for our range of bags. We sought inspiration from the design and the materials from times past and with total conviction and great attention to detail, we successfully developed our collection of hand-crafted vintage bags. Our LEGEND collection features these unique masterpieces in five different sizes. We endeavour to raise awareness of our sophisticated leather products among clients worldwide. It is our firm belief that this is precisely what our clients will desire, understand and appreciate.

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