Exakta Germany The name represents sophisticated high-quality leather products featuring a very distinct design, intended for professional photographers and ambitious hobbyists alike. Combined with valuable cameras, our system of camera bags and straps provides our customers with an exclusive kit. This means that there are plenty of reasons for entrusting the fine leather products with your precious photography equipment.
Development Any product development requires comprehensive market expertise, a high degree of creativity, good ideas, coherent concepts and the ability to optimise new products through innovation. It can be a lengthy process for a first hand drawn sketch to evolve into a preliminary sample and finally into a finished product. We have taken the opportunity to analyse the market and have discovered that today's sophisticated customers desire perfectly designed products that also succeed in fulfilling high practical demands. Being aware of this trend and of the customers' needs, we decided to create an elegant system of camera bags and straps designed to meet the highest standards by featuring a well-conceived product concept, outstanding functionality, flawless design, superb quality and a classic vintage look.
Workmanship Leather products are timeless classics in the world of natural materials. Inspired by this wonderful material, we decided to use only top-quality Italian leather for our LEGEND collection of bags. Our Italian associates cater for superb hand-crafted workmanship, working with qualified bag-makers only, who accomplish the high quality standards of our products through great devotion and precise craftsmanship. It all starts with selecting the fine bull saddle leather for cutting.
Leather The centuries-old tradition of Tuscan leather processing has its origins in the Renaissance era. The highly specialised tanneries are located in the region between Pisa and Firence to this day. The original naturally tanned Tuscan leather used in our Classic and Selection collections is sourced from the best tanneries and is tanned according to ancient tradition, using plant-based materials only. The cumulative experience of many generations of tanners, paired with an all-natural tanning process including a special dyeing technique, give rise to amazingly natural, top-quality leather with a unique appearance and a capturing feel. Meanwhile, the genuine odour of leather and the natural character are preserved making each of our products distinctively unique. The“PELLE CONCITA AL VEGETABLE IN TOSCANA“ ensures that the strict standards and processing guidelines for this particular leather tanning procedure are complied with. There are currently around 25 tanneries that are members of the organisation. Each of our products comes with a certificate bearing a verification number and guaranteeing authenticity. This allows for the product to be traced back to its origin.
Features For maximum equipment protection, the main bag features complete inside stabilising and padding as well as top-quality black Alcantara lining resembling a suede leather look. The inside dividers can be arranged individually to create a layout catering for personal requirements. A complete removal of the dividers provides for a classy designer bag for various uses. The high-quality metal trimmings are galvanically finished. Cognac-colored leather is supplemented with brushed brass fittings while the black varieties are fitted out with polished chrome. On the back there is an extra compartment with a covered zipper, allowing - depending on the size of the bag - for safekeeping of a smart phone up to a tablet computer or other equipment. Another important feature of our bags is the personalisation case which can be found on the inside of all bags. It is designed to significantly reduce the risk involved in returning the bag in case of loss. For maximum comfort, the carrying strap is equipped with sliding, padded shoulder support. All visible cutting and punching edges of the leather are polished and lacquered. There is a discreetly embossed brand logo on each product. The camera bags also feature a classy engraved plaque of precious metal, bearing the designer's signature.
The Finished Product This means that each of our market ready camera bags has obtained a unique identity. camera straps to match our bags are also available. The straps are lined with smooth, soft leather on the inside. Soft padding and ergonomic adjustment for the neck area further provide for very pleasant wearing comfort, proving that the quality of our products is carried forward at the same level of perfection.
The Collection Our LEGEND system of leather bags features 5 sizes as well as the range of camera straps in 2 sizes. The LEGEND range provides for suitable leather bags and camera straps for practically all modular system and DSLR cameras. For more information on our products, please contact your trusted specialty retailer. Of course we would gladly like to assist should you have any questions regarding the 
selection of our products.

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